Customer delight in action. Highlights of IPPE 2022


On January 25-27th, 2022 Galactic had a perfect opportunity to gather the team at IPPE in the US, Atlanta, Georgia to showcase our natural flavors, fermentates and vinegars, all produced by fermentation. This year, we gained big interest around Galactic products and solutions confirming our continued efforts to develop high quality, safety, sustainability, and healthy solutions. 
To introduce our guests to the benefits fermentation brings we treated them with delicious Jamaican empanadas and mango chutney dip, all made with Galactic solutions. We freshly cooked the Jamaican snacks and they were served on the spot by our chef. With our natural solutions, one can create an excellent flavor, ensure high quality throughout the entire product shelf-life, clean up the label.

This said, everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and left us with positive feedback and great impressions.

We are always happy to have a direct interaction with our customers and create memories together. At the same time of course respecting all the sanitary measures applied to guarantee the safe environment for visitors and our team members.  
For 30 years Galactic has been at the heart of fermentation technology. Each year we develop a variety of new solutions that we are willing to share with our customers in an easily accessible way. As a leading producer of lactic acid and its derivatives we will continue exploring our technologies, being your number one partner in natural antimicrobial solutions, lactic acid and lactates. 

IPPE 2023 food trials
IPPE Fair 2023 food

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