Galactic has launched the perfect solution that responds to the challenge of sweet baked goods

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the naturalness and quality of the baked goods they consume. The trend of choosing clean label products began since baked goods became a quick alternative for people’s busy schedule. 

Most of the sweet baked goods from the market are known to have synthetic additives and preservatives, as they are efficient by terms of costs and accessibility. Today, consumers developed the need to prioritize clear and transparent labels among the available options. 
This trend arises a new challenge for bakery segment producers, as in this industry is hard to combine naturalness, freshness, and high quality in a product.
  Venturing deep into the field of bakery we bring today our latest innovation - Galimax Flavor K-10, a new natural ingredient specially designed for the sweet bakery sector.

Galimax Flavor K-10 can be applied in a big variety of baked goods and fillings, such as madeleines, muffins, crêpes, cheesecake, chocolate fillings and fruit jams maintaining the qualitative properties of these foods throughout their entire shelf-life. 

Food manufactures all over Europe, Americas and Asia can already start working with Galactic’s innovation . The Galactic local food application experts are available to support customers with formulations and processing advice to ensure a high-quality final product.


Galimax Flavor K-10 for Sweet Baked Goods


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