Galactic got the opportunity to stay updated on the upcoming food & beverage trends, learn from experts and connect with attendees

Galactic has been exploring Asian market far and wide. Our key industry being preservation and food safety, we invested quality time in learning from the best and connecting with our customers.
Let’s get across the biggest trade shows of this season.

Food Ingredients Asia 2022, took place in Bangkok, Thailand.
It was so nice to meet our partners, prospects showcasing Galactic’s solutions specially designed to protect food & beverages. 

Food Ingredients Vietnam, took place in Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam 
Along with our partners, we brought Galactic fermentation expertise to Vietnamese market sharing our latest developments in food preservation and shelf-life extension. 

Food & Health Ingredients Japan, took place in Tokyo, Japan
Galactic was delighted to present our natural solutions that enhance the taste and extend the shelf-life while keeping the food labels clean. 

Galactic uses the traditional process of natural fermentation to bring a range of natural ingredients and antimicrobials to the market. With the support of our antimicrobial experts, we provide solutions to reduce food waste, keeping the product natural and fresh.
Galactic, the natural antimicrobials expert.