A look back at the TOP Galactic moments of 2022

As we are approaching 2023, let’s take a moment to look back at some of the biggest moments of 2022. From new products releases to big partnerships and launches, it's been a busy and exciting year for us. Here's a look at some of the highlights we are proud off and happy to share. 

January. Embracing Innovation through research and expertise. 
Together with Group R&D, Marketing & Sales teams, we have hosted regional round tables on the latest market opportunities with the best practices from our customers. 

February. At the start of the year, we are bringing Galactic Pulse to our global teams by releasing new edition of the internal newsletter. It’s one of the time of the year to analise our achievements and set new goals. Also, we embrace the challenges and foster our team spirit that is taking us to the next level.

March. Time for new launch of a new, natural ingredient specially designed for Meat alternatives and Plant-based meals. We’ve invited our worldwide customers to test the product directly in their applications, regularly communicating our innovations to their specific trials. We have engaged through different questions and discussions across webinars session for our partners, as well.

April. Finally, it happened. After two years of restrictions, we opened the doors of Galatic Innovation Campus to our customers, by launching Food Innovations Day: a great event and opportunity to share Galactic innovations, organise live trials, discuss the challenges of the market, and very important, learn customers developments.   

May. IFFA trade show: a brief of fresh air. After many months when it was not possible to encounter, IFFA was the first fair to exhibit. It was intense, but also wonderful event filled with great launches and good company. 

June. Next stop: JAS La Rochelle. It was a great occasion to meet food producers who are looking for natural and sustainable solutions for the food applications. 

July. We welcomed a new brand identity for Galactic. This year, Galactic started its branding transformation as part of the strategic development plan  2025-2030.

August. In the frame of current fragile economic and political situation in Europe but also in the world, which is affecting bot staff members and company itself, a group of employees supported by the management board launched the „Solidarity program” allowing everyone to carry out small savings in the spirit of solidarity. 

September. We came together with our partners at Galactic Partner Days to celebrate the success of our forward-thinking strategy. It was a unique event to reflect on market developments, forseen the challenges and reach how Galactic can offer support. During the interactive sessions, we exchanged various ideas, brainstormed and presented in groups best projects to launch. We celebrated our success with a dinner get-together and teambuilding activities. This edition will certainly be remembered fondly by all who attended!

October. After Europe, it was the time for Asia and Latin America to meet their markets. It was a busy but rewarding month! To give just a few names: Fi Bangkok, FI Japan, Food Tech Mexico, FI Vietnam – where we happily welcomed and met our customers and visitors at Galactic booth.    

November. Brightening our Food Application Lab with a modernized applications and microbiology lab. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US,  this was a good chance to show Galactic supporting its customers with a deeply analysis and guidance in extended food applications such as: bakery products, meat alternatives, sauces and dressings, fruit preparations, etc. 

December. It’s one of the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to celebrate than having team dinners. We are so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate together and look forward to many more team gatherings with our fantastic Galactic teams! 




Thank you for being part of Galactic journey.

We can't wait to see what the future holds!