Our solutions for bio-solvents

Galactic has developed a broad range of lactate esters with different solvency properties, high flash points and slow evaporation rates.

All products are derived from lactic acid and replace (parts of) traditional solvents, providing distinct advantages for your formulations and labelling declarations. Galactic offers highly effective alternatives to existing conventional crude-oil based solvents.

Cleaning: Surface cleaning is a sector populated with a large variety of traditional solvents. Galactic has developed Galaster™, an efficient green alternative product range designed for paint stripper and graffiti removal as well as metal surface cleaning.

Coalescing: Galactic has created a range of superior coalescing agents for water-based paints: Gala4Paints™ is a highly performant natural alternative to conventional crude-oil based coalescing agents since it is easy to use, safe and non-toxic.

Dissolving: Conventional solvents are now considered hazardous due to the advent of stricter environmental and health standards. That is why Galactic has developed a highly effective, and safer, alternative for phenoxy resins whilst retaining similar performance levels to cresols. Galactic’s green solvent, Gala4Resins™ is easy to use, green and non-toxic.

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